Hunt the ultimate prey-a 400 pound grizzly. This is not your usual Sunday hunting trip! Select from three photo-realistic locations and choose from several high-powered rifles. This prey fights back – hesitate and pay the ultimate price!

The Training Grounds are not safe….
Practice your shooting skills on the firing range. Be ready for some harsh, but fair eval of you abilities. Watch your back…!

- New compression techniques added, requires much less HD space and ram
- Now preloads at the beginning of a hunt, no more tell-tale loading pauses when an animal is going to appear.
- Now displays a “Loading” graphic while decompressing images.
- Prey spawning was rebalanced, harder now
- Fixed bug where time would flash in upper right window sometimes
- Fixed bug where trophy room could crash – (happened on iPAQ’s with new bios only?)
- “Super secret & rare” trophies can now appear in your trophy room.




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